Extreme Build Last Minute Info

by Laura Barclay,
KBF Networking, Communications & Interim Missions Associate

Registration for Extreme Build may have closed, but there is still something those of you who can't make it to McCreary County can do to help!

Kimberly Stephens, the new home recipient, is in need of a few basic items to get her settled in. Do you or someone you know have new or gently used home furnishings like the following items?

  • Couch
  • Coffee Table
  • Chair
  • Dresser
  • Nightstand
  • UK Decor (she's a big fan!)

If so, please call or email Sharon Davis at 502-939-4682 or gdavis3@bellsouth.net. Even if you can't make it to McCreary County this year, this is a great way to participate!

One extra note: Beginning June 4 until the dedication of the Extreme Build home on June 14, you'll receive a daily e-mail update about progress on the house with pictures and tidbits from volunteers. Most love this daily check-in, but if you start to feel bombarded, please reply to my emails at laura@kybf.org and let me know you want to opt out instead of unsubscribing! This way, we can make sure you still stay in touch & in the know through our weekly e-news!