Extreme Build: Daily Post #6

We are ahead of schedule!

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Family,

Last night at dinner, Steve Holm, our volunteer foreman from St. Matthews Baptist Church, declared us ahead of schedule and that has given our crew even more energy to power on! When I left the site today, the roof was almost complete (including the soffit that helps with ventilation under the eaves), the siding was almost finished, and the drywall was being installed. Before the drywall went up after lunch, all the volunteers on site signed the interior walls with messages of love and prayers. The recipient, Kimberly, and her sister, Tabitha, saw the messages and were very moved.

The paint crew finished painting all the doors, baseboards, and window trimming off - site, more than making up for the paint being delivered later than expected yesterday. They are planning a paint party later this week--more details and pics to appear in a future post!

The dinner crew has been hard at work feeding us delicious meals for dinner and breakfast in the morning. They wake up at 4:30am to make sure we are all fed and ready to work. On tonight's menu is salad, ham, heavenly corn, green beans and banana pudding!

Speaking of dinner, I promised to update you on our nightly "awards" session. Here are our silly and serious winners:

*David Buckner, Director of Volunteers for Ironman Louisville, received a tiny teddy bear to have something to cuddle with after caring for and giving up for adoption our stray pup to her forever home! 

*John Lepper, KBF Coordinator, was awarded a bug kit complete with giant tweezers and a bug compartment in which to put any more ticks that might try to bite him (you'll remember he went to the ER with a tick bite last week that thankfully turned out NOT to be Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever)!

*Quinton Meek of Georgetown Baptist Church got our nightly "Heart of Extreme Build Award" (a bag of LifeSavers) for volunteering to drive all over town to try to find roofing nails. Thanks to Quinton for going the extra mile!

Remember to check our website daily for even more photos of the build (plus candids of your friends and family)! Be sure to submit any of fellow church members to your church newsletter editor so their good work can be recognized!

Thanks for following along!

Laura Barclay
KBF Communications, Networking & Interim Missions Associate