Extreme Build: Daily Post #7

Overcoming Obstacles

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Family,

Last night was a difficult one on several fronts.  One of our Extreme Build veterans, Quint Meek of Georgetown Baptist Church, had a misstep off of the last rung of a ladder and suffered a compound fracture. Nurse Bob (Edinger of First Baptist, Middlesboro) accompanied him to the nearest hospital in Oneida for ex-rays to confirm the break and stayed with him while they placed his leg in a splint for transport home to receive further care. Please keep him in your prayers as he recovers.

In addition, a weather front brought hurricane-force winds to our region last evening, knocking out electricity in one of the hotels and causing volunteers to scramble to install the drywall. It was a long, hard day for everyone!

Today, the sun was out and Extreme Builders covered the muddy ground with straw to alleviate some of the mud issues. Volunteers are working to finish the last of the siding and window trim, and continue work on the back porch and shed. Mudders were at work on the drywall and had plans to finish by the end of the day.

The painters had finished all the the doors and trim and were putting the last second coat on the baseboards by this afternoon. They are preparing for a paint party tomorrow night, where they come in after construction crews are finished before dinner and paint all the interior walls until around midnight! 

Because of weather complications, dinner was delivered to many on site, so we skipped daily awards. We are on our own tonight to give the hard-working food crew a much-needed break. The local "Dairy Bar" will be crowded tonight!

As always, remember to check our our website for even more photos of the build (plus candids of your friends and family)! Be sure to submit any of fellow church members to your church newsletter editor so their good work can be recognized!

Thanks for following along!

Laura Barclay
KBF Communications, Networking & Interim Missions Associate