Extreme Build: Daily Post #8

The Mad Dash!

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Family,

The house is nearing completion and buzzing with all sorts of activities as we race to the finish on our ninth build: the last bit of vinyl siding installation, painting the shed, making the outline to pour the concrete walkway, and continued work on the back deck.  Last night, a team installed the flooring until 4 in the morning, either because they are certifiably insane or insanely motivated!

I joined the paint crew today in cutting in so that the trim could be installed around the windows and doors. The paint crew will continue with work tonight, throwing a late night paint party to finish up.

Kimberly Stephens, the home recipient, her sister Tabitha, and her two nieces Riley and Megan visited the site to see the buzz of activity and the paint colors Kim had requested (baby blue and lavender). She was excited to see the progress and tickled to see the paint crew with her carefully selected shades all over our arms legs (and hair, in Jan Causey's case!).

On a fun note, Charles and Linda White of First Baptist Church of Middletown celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary yesterday. If you know them, make sure to send them well wishes!

Remember to check our our website for even more photos of the build (plus candids of your friends and family)! Be sure to submit any of fellow church members to your church newsletter editor so their good work can be recognized!

Thanks for following along!

Laura Barclay
KBF Communications, Networking & Interim Missions Associate