Extreme Build: Daily Post #9

The Last Full Day of Work!

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Family,

Dedication Day is tomorrow so we are running around and trying to get everything in order. The shed is almost complete and painted to match the house (gray with a plum-colored roof). The shutters have been attached. The house has been completely painted inside thanks to the hard-working crew who stayed until 9:30pm last night having a "paint party".

The insulation truck arrived at 10:00 am today and stayed until around 1:00 pm blowing it into the attic. Shortly after that, the concrete truck arrived to pour the front sidewalk. Landscaping should start this afternoon and go through tomorrow morning, finishing before the dedication service at 1:00 pm.

The worst part of today was the long-overdue septic truck who emptied the port-a-johns today during lunch, causing volunteers to scramble as far away as possible to keep their lunches in their stomachs. Speaking of which, this fantastic meal was supplied by the United Methodist Church of Whitley City, who always provide a feast on the last full day of construction annually. They brought fried chicken, ham, corn, beans, cole slaw, potato salad, rolls and roughly eight different dessert options. Even the Big South Fork Motor Lodge, one of our hotels, made us a cake to thank us for our patronage and work in the community.

Last night, we resumed giving out prizes to our wonderful volunteers. Before heading out for the evening paint party, the paint crew received:

*A manicure set for Jan Causey of Buechel Park Baptist, who had paint everywhere, including her fingernails and hair.

*A rhinestone pink crown and wand for Carrie Bearden, who we declared "Queen of the Paint Party" for her enthusiasm.

*A smaller clip-on crown for Taylor Whittle of Georgetown Baptist, who we named "Princess of the Paint Party" for singing and keeping everyone in rhythm.

*Water guns for Gina Whittle of Georgetown Baptist, in order to keep everyone in line and wake them up if they fell asleep.

*A personal battery-operated fan for Connie Lepper of St. Matthew's Baptist to keep her cool and to use as a propeller since she helps to navigate Jan.

*A glow-in-the-dark set of ears and glow sticks for Scarlette Jasper, CBF Field Personnel, who is a wonderful light to us and can use the glow sticks to help guide others when working in the dark.

The rest of the construction crew received:

*Nurse Bob Eddinger of First Baptist, Middlesboro, was bequeathed "Hello Kitty" band-aids to replenish his supply since he bandaged all our cuts this week.

*A solar-powered plastic flower was given to Glen Meade of First Baptist, Shepherdsville, for taking on the huge leadership role of landscaping and obtaining materials to complete it!

*It was Charles and Linda White's (of First Baptist Church of Middletown) 49th wedding anniversary so we gave them a bottle of "Prickly Passion Peach Lemonade" to spice up the night!

*Eileen Philpot of First Baptist Church of Shepherdsville, who serves on the food crew, received the Heart of Extreme Build Award for the evening. She is always going above and beyond, making sure everyone has what they need. Eileen arrives early and stays late, so she was given a flashlight to light her path.

We'll give out more awards tonight, which is the last night we meet for dinner. We are so excited for dedication tomorrow and to welcome Kimberly Stephens into her new home!

Our work also made several papers, which can be read here:

Georgetown News-Graphic
McCreary County Record

On a personal note, my husband Ryan arrived with our puppy Gryffin last night, and today we celebrate six years of marriage! How did we celebrate? Steve Holm, volunteer foreman and member of St. Matthews Baptist Church, put him right to work hauling leftover drywall out of the house while I cleared excess particle board and wood from the backyard! Our puppy kept the workers company during water breaks and didn't get into too much trouble.

Remember to check our our website for even more photos of the build (plus candids of your friends and family)! Be sure to submit any of fellow church members to your church newsletter editor so their good work can be recognized!

Thanks for following along!

Laura Barclay
KBF Communications, Networking & Interim Missions Associate