Moderator Musings - Extreme Build

by Bob Fox,
KBF Moderator & Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Georgetown

This month, I had my first opportunity to participate in Extreme Build.  I had watched from the sidelines for years.  I am no construction expert, and I felt that my contributions were best made from a distance by encouraging my church to provide funds.
But this year, a confluence of events led to me going online and signing up to go.  As the new moderator, I felt it was important that I go and see this identity providing project for myself.  Also, several of my church members wanted a building project to participate in and were free to go. Finally, our church had chosen to emphasize Extreme Build as a part of our Easter offering.
So off I went.  It was a tremendous time and I wish I had made the effort to go sooner.  Thankfully there were many skilled folks on site who just needed me to hold stuff and get out of the way--two things that play to my skill set.
One surprise for me was the number of people who I met for the first time at the site.  This large group of volunteers, many of whom had been participating for years was a reminder to me that the KBF is a broader and more varied group than we usually recognize.
I was also reminded of course of the power of a group of people committed to making a difference for Jesus.  From all over the state we came and in a little over a week we left an opportunity for a new beginning.
It is easy in mission efforts like these to believe that we are going into disadvantaged communities, going to be the presence of Christ and leave thinking how kind and wonderful we are to have gone.  But I was reminded in a variety of ways that Jesus was already there working before I came and would continue after I left.  I wasn't simply  being the presence of Christ, I was joining with the body and work of Christ already begun.  The eight previous houses built in partnership between KBF and local organizations, the lunches provided by local churches of other denominations and the kindness of FBC Whitley City in allowing us to use their building all offered me blessings.  I left believing not just that I had been the presence of Christ but that Christ had been present for me in the work of those who live and stay in the community.
I am not sure who chose the name "Extreme Build" or why they did so.  I suspect it had something to do with the rapidity of construction.  It seems to me, thought, that it is an apt moniker not just because we construct a house, but also because each of us who goes and participates is being shaped and molded by God's grace--and the transformation of our lives into that of Christian disciples is the most "Extreme Build" of all.

Extreme Build photos are now online! Make sure to download and post to your Facebook, Twitter, and church websites and newsletter so everyone can appreciate the efforts of our fantastic volunteers!

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