Extreme Build - Daily Post #2

Pre-Build Day #2

Dropping in the Core

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Family,

The rainy weather today didn't dampen the spirits of our cheery and motivated volunteers who were on site early to meet the crane that brought in the core. The core contains all the plumbing and appliances for the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room and is assembled off-site, wrapped in plastic, and hauled to the build site by truck. The crane carefully drops the core in a space carefully measured between the floor joists, guided by volunteers.

Don Rogers, pastor of Buechel Park Baptist, even showed us how a superhero would install the core!

Amazingly, the crew finished installing the sub-floor and building all the internal and external walls. Which they were about to put up when I left to find internet. It will start looking like a house very soon!

On a personal note, I had a great time today learning how to use some great power tools! Steve Helm of Highland Baptist and Leonard Buckner of Buechel Park Baptist, both in Louisville, taught me how to use a circular saw. Tara Edwards, KBF Past Moderator, and Greg Bunten of Highland Baptist taught me how to use a nail gun. I might have to convince my husband Ryan that we need to expand our tool collection...

And here's a fun update on the stray puppy: David Buckner, her new caretaker, brought her to the build site, and settled on the name "Daisy". Daisy had lots of cuddles from the crew and the awesome food volunteers from First Baptist Church of Williamsburg who brought us lunch! Make sure to check out additional photos of the puppy and the work crew on our website and social media outlets. You can find links to them by clicking the buttons to the right. 

Blessings from McCreary County,

Laura Barclay
KBF Communications, Networking & Interim Missions Associate