Extreme Build - Daily Post #3

Pre-Build Day #3

More Crane Action & Roof Trusses

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Family,

Under the bright sun, our tireless volunteers worked to secure the exterior and interior walls with top plates before the crane arrived to place the roof trusses, guided by our volunteers. Working remarkably fast, the trusses were in place with the crew installing the front porch beams when I left this afternoon.

I had the pleasure of spending a little time with Charlie Gatton of Buechel Park Baptist, Louisville, this morning, an Extreme Build veteran who taught me how to use a sliding compound miter saw. At 90, Charlie not only has a lot of good experience around construction sites, but he also has a lot helpful advice to share. He was accompanied on site by his wonderful wife Clara, who enjoys watching the progress on the build and petting the former stray "Daisy" who is now our mascot!

Steve Holm, volunteer foreman and member of St. Matthews Baptist in Louisville, always seems two steps ahead and prepared for whatever might come next. He was already thinking about the porch when the trusses were being placed, and he picked up a sledge hammer and finished placing a porch beam where three others had tried to get it in before. Holm, a veteran of all eight previous builds, also has a great sense of humor. He stopped by me earlier during lunch to tell a construction joke: "Have your heard of the 35 mile an hour rule? If you can drive by a house at 35 miles an hour and can't tell anything is wrong, then you're fine." It's great to be on site with such skilled and humorous folks!

A slight scare turned out to be a minor annoyance: Nurse Bob (Bob Edinger of First Baptist, Middlesboro) sent John Lepper, KBF Coordinator, to the hospital this morning with a nasty tick bite that he feared might be Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It turned out to be fine, so John returned to the site later to man a miter saw.

Please pray for our continued safety and progress!

Blessings from McCreary County,

Laura Barclay
KBF Communications, Networking & Interim Missions Associate