New CBF Field Person Wants to Visit YOUR Church!

We've welcomed Scarlette Jasper as the new CBF Field Person in KY, and now it's time to invite her into your churches and learn how to partner with her great ministry!

Jasper joins CBF’s Together for Hope initiative as well as the Poverty and Transformation and Economic Development Mission Communities as she continues to serve in the Appalachian foothills of Southern Kentucky. 

Jasper shares, “I am a Rural Poverty Advocate, working with individuals and families in crisis, including the homeless, victims of domestic violence and families in financial and medical crisis.”

Generational poverty persists in many parts of the United States.  While governmental aid ebbs and flows, the local churches’ sustained impact on a community can be priceless.  Drawing on local assets, Scarlette organizes grass roots campaigns to enable the materially poor to gain traction in society. 

While she assists families with financial counseling, job readiness skills, applying for additional benefits and services, Scarlette also coaches others to meet emotional and spiritual needs through classes, counseling referrals and Bible study. You can find out more about Scarlette's ministry, Olive Branch Ministries, by clicking here

Contact her today about visiting your church or having your group visit her on site!
Phone: 606-305-3134