Moderator Musings!

by Bob Fox, KBF Moderator & Pastor, Faith Baptist, Georgetown

As I was on my way to Louisville this week for a meeting, I applied my brakes at the orange signs that start to appear as you approach the newest section of I-64 being widened to four lanes.  It has been continual construction for at least the last two years.  The posted speed reductions have been vigorously enforced.  At times traffic has flowed one way and then another.  Sometimes on each side of a wall the traffic is going the same way.  The good news was it looks like they are almost finished!

It did cause me to think for a minute.  In the numerous trips I have made to Louisville, never has that stretch of road been closed.  It has always been open to traffic but at a diminished speed.  I marvel at the complexity of the engineering that makes that possible.  How is road construction and repair sequenced in such a way that there is only inconvenience rather than shutting down the road and forcing everyone to go another way.

Surely from a builders point of view, it would be easier to just close the road and do the work (and in fact sometimes they do this).  I suspect that the work could have been done in a quarter of the time or less if they had told traffic to find another way and the only thing happening on that stretch of road was the rumble of big yellow trucks and machinery.

But the need of folks to get from here to there was deemed so important that a slower schedule and some creative rearranging were required.  I for one have been glad for that decision even as sometimes I have been frustrated by delays.

It occurred to me that what is happening at KBF right now is a lot like a road project.  We are not closing down  and waiting until we have a new person serving as coordinator. That might be easier and require less time.  But, we still have places we need to get to, things we need to do.  We need to continue our partnership with Morocco, plan for Extreme Build, talk about worship together.  We can't just stop what we are doing.  Instead we are creatively flowing around the work that is being done that will prepare KBF for the future.

I am thankful for Kristin and Laura who have both increased their responsibilities and work in the interim.  I am thankful for people like Don McFadden and Robert Davis who have put on hard hats and led others in thinking about where KBF ought to be headed.  I am thankful for the congregations and members of KBF who are like the drivers. Maybe they are not able to travel with as much ease as usual, but they keep going because they understand that delays endured today help to realize the full potential of tomorrow.

It is such an exciting and challenging time for us.  Preparing a road for the future at the same time we are driving on it. Pray that God will grant us the wisdom and patience we need!