Join Us - KBF's Year of Worship Resourcing!

by Bob Fox,
KBF Moderator & Pastor, Faith Baptist, Georgetown

At CBF in Atlanta, we unveiled KBF’s year-long emphasis on worship.  Our churches are diverse and unique, but all of us regularly gather to worship.  What can we learn from each other by having deep conversation over our central practice?  An exciting component of this “When You Gather Together” emphasis is the partnership of the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.
Too often, we have engaged in unproductive conversations over style of worship.  Personal preference is argued, feelings hurt, and no light but a lot of heat are generated.  We want instead of style to discuss the content that makes up the worship in KBF churches.  Five areas have been identified to focus upon:  Gathering, Interceding, Confessing, Proclamation, and Sending.  How does worship in each of our contexts encourage these practices?
Our timeline includes regional gatherings for pastors, other ministers and interested lay people in the Fall, a website launch in January where churches can exchange ideas around worship, a worship summit at BSK in February, and the production of a curriculum that will be presented at the Spring Gathering that can be used in our churches to promote a thoughtful discussion about the content of our worship services.
Our Worship Conversations (the regional gatherings) will be on two dates.  On September 20th, there will be meetings at First Baptist, Corbin and at a Western Kentucky location.  On October 18th, there will be similar discussions at Central Baptist Church in Lexington and Deer Park in Louisville.  The Conversations will be led by a representative of KBF and a faculty member at BSK.  They will last from 10-2 and will include a free lunch for all who are present.  If you are reading this, you are the target audience for these gatherings.  Take your calendar now and mark the date for the meeting that will be closest to you.
This is an exciting new emphasis that will draw us into closer communication and communion with each other.  Participate with us as we talk together about worship.