Update on KBF Transition Plan

by Bob Fox,
KBF Moderator & Pastor, Faith Baptist, Georgetown

At a special called meeting of the KBF Coordinating Council at Faith Baptist in Georgetown on Saturday, July 10th, a transition plan for the organization was approved.  The process for construction of this document was delineated by the Succession Plan that was passed at this year’s spring gathering.  The plan addresses several basic areas.
1.        Administration—Our moderator Bob Fox was asked to help coordinate the work of our paid employees and to do administrative tasks.  Don McFadden, chair of the Administrative Work Group was assigned to oversee the financial side of the organization.

2.       Staff—We are so fortunate to have Kristin and Laura who are picking up additional responsibilities with the departure of John and Josh.  Both have been given interim titles, additional compensation and hours.  An interim Coordinator whose primary role will be to be present in the churches is being hired.

3.       We have engaged The Center for Healthy Churches to do a policy and procedures audit.  Larry McSwain will provide this service for them.

4.       We are going to do a top level audit of the finances.

5.       The search committee for the new coordinator will be formed after the staffing committee that was appointed at the Spring Gathering has come to some preliminary conclusions.  This may be at the regular meeting of the Coordinating Council in August.