KBF's Big Reveal at CBF General Assembly!

by Laura Barclay,
KBF Communications, Networking & Interim Missions Associate

Last Thursday, around a hundred people streamed into the KBF state meeting at the CBF General Assembly to see the "big reveal" hinted at through KBF's enews and social media pages. The big reveal came after an intentional worship service led by Bob Fox, KBF moderator from Faith Baptist Church in Georgetown, as well as Brittany Stillwell Krebs and John Inscore Essick. The worship was split into five sections: gathering, confessing, interceding, proclamation and sending. The service included mini-sermons and communion for all who attended.

Sara Clarke Turpin of Buechel Park Baptist Church announced the KBF Scholar, Jeremy Shannon. Jeremy is a student at the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, and has served as the Student Pastor at Cynthiana Baptist Church for the last four years. He grew up at Grace Baptist Church in Lexington, KY, and is a graduate of Georgetown College.

I had the honor of introducing KY's new CBF Field Person, Scarlette Jasper, before leading our fellowship in a commissioning prayer.

Next up, we showed our music video, "What Does Bob Fox Say?", a parody of Norwegian band Ylvis's original video. KBF's music video debut featured the dancing talents (or lack thereof) from Extreme Build participants, Crescent Hill Baptist's Youth, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky students, Lexington Avenue Baptist Church Children (who may have stolen the show) and Highland Baptist Church's Young Adults. Stay until the end to see a masked Bob Fox, KBF's moderator, hard at work at Faith Baptist Church!

A Parody of Ylvis's original song, "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)".

All this silliness led to the big reveal of what Bob Fox was actually going to say, which is that KBF is engaging in a new partnership with the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, which will produce worship resources for our fellowship!

Seeking to move past the worship wars that plague some denominations, worship will be our theme for the coming year. BSK and KBF will partner to have listening sessions around the state this fall in Lexington, Louisville, Corbin and Owensboro which will include free lunch for those who participate! Out of these meetings, we will launch a new website in January outlining the five categories covered in the state meeting worship session: gathering, confessing, interceding, proclamation and sending. These headings will provide organizing categories for those working to put together resources.

On February 6, there will be a worship symposium held at the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, and the products of these meetings will result in a worship curriculum. This curriculum will be freely distributed to our fellowship on our website and at the KBF Spring Gathering next April.

Big things are in the works, so stay tuned for how you can join in regarding dates, times, and opportunities for partnership!

Here is the link to the music video: https://vimeo.com/99775708! Make sure to share it with your church and on your Facebook & Twitter pages with the tag @KYBF!