Moderator Musings: KBF Coordinating Council Meeting Recap

by Bob Fox, KBF Moderator & Pastor, Faith Baptist

The Coordinating Council held a productive meeting at Faith Baptist Church on August 15th and 16th.  Members of KBF leadership gathered from around the state to hear about progress that has been made and plan for the future.

The group was welcomed to Georgetown with kind words of greeting from our ministry partners at the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky and Georgetown College.  These were followed by an introduction to our new interim coordinator Chris Sanders.  Chris shared with the group the aggressive outreach he is making to our churches to introduce himself and promote KBF.

The work began as the council split into workgroups.  The administrative work group reviewed the budget and proposed supporting the Academy of Preachers Lexington event and the conference on Christian Discernment at Georgetown College which will feature our own Joe Phelps, pastor of Highlands Baptist Church in Louisville as a lead speaker.  The missions workgroup discussed both Extreme Build and the visit in September of the representatives of EEAM from Morocco (more details about this visit can be found below).  The KBF scholarship and future directions were the focus of the ministries workgroup.

The evening concluded with popcorn and a movie.  Everyone was asked to watch The Lion King through the lens of leadership transition and to identify positive and negative models of leadership.

Saturday morning began with worship culminated by a devotion focused on change delivered by Ande Myers, pastor of First Williamsburg.  The highlight of the morning was a report from the staffing committee.  They delineated the key roles they had discovered that a new coordinator ought to fill in consultation with the churches.  They asked that a search committee for the coordinator not be formed until they had time to review information that will be generated by the policy and procedure audit that is being done by Larry McSwain.  Further details on our "When You Gather Together" worship emphasis and the transition plan were shared as well.

I was so pleased with the attendance, commitment and participation by both our staff and our coordinating council.  In the midst of our transition, I know that we are fortunate to have such insightful and committed members who are serving us during this time.  I, for one, left with a renewed energy and purpose.