How YOU Can Help Aid During Ebola Outbreak.

Rick's Institute, a Baptist elementary and secondary school in Monrovia. (Photo/James Blay)

Rick's Institute, a Baptist elementary and secondary school in Monrovia. (Photo/James Blay)

by Kris Aaron,
Minister of Church Growth, Deer Park Baptist Church

As the Ebola outbreak devastates Africa, people are rightfully concerned for those who are sick.  This outbreak, however, doesn’t just impact the sick.  It affects all who live within these countries.  To help contain the outbreak, countries are closing schools and ordering businesses to use a skeleton staff in order to reduce physical contact.  While such a policy may help with containment, it also affects people’s ability to earn money to buy food.  If people don’t work, they don’t get paid. 

Earlier this week Dr. Rick Wilson, President of the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary and Chair of the Christianity Department at Mercer University, developed a plan to feed the 100 people affiliated with the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary.  The plan seeks to raise $1000 a month to help feed these 100 people.  That’s less than $0.35 per day per person.  This $1000 will pay for the following:

-Ten 55 pound bags of rice – which will feed the 100 with rationing
-300 lbs of dried beans (used 2-3 a week)
-14 gallons of oil for cooking
-Seasoning cubes
-Transportation of the dry goods

For the purposes of transparency once money is in their account each check requires three documents of support and two signatures.  If you are interested in giving, please include a note that indicates Care for One Hundred is the designation for the donation and have Care for One Hundred on the for line on the check.  Collected monies can be sent to:

Lamberth Memorial Baptist Church
1026 Long’s Store Road
Roxboro, NC 27547

While institutional assistance is always possible, Wilson is asking for local churches, Sunday School classes, youth groups, etc. to get involved.  He and his wife, Lucy, were once residents of Kentucky and active members at Deer Park Baptist Church before moving.  If you or your church is looking for a way to help, this is a good one.  We will be taking up a collection for Care for One Hundred and I hope other KBF churches will join us.