Divorce Recovery Workshop at Calvary Baptist Church, Lexington

Divorce Recovery Workshop is a program that has been in Central Kentucky over 21 years under the leadership of Dr. James Stillwell. It is a combination of education (large group lecture each week) and support (small group meeting each week following the lecture). The workshop meets on seven consecutive Monday nights, 7 to 9 p.m. 

In addition to the adult workshop, there are children's workshops for age 3-6 (preschool) and 7-11 (elementary), all led by trained facilitators.

Over 3100 families have been touched by this workshop over the past two decades, and we are pleased to continue to offer this "safe place" to process the divorce experience.

The adult workshop means in the Fireside Room of the Recreation Outreach Center at Calvary, 150 East High Street in Lexington, small group rooms and children's workshops are located nearby. 

Discounts are available for previous attendees and for those who register two weeks early. Flexible payment plans are also available upon request. 

Program information, as well as registration form, is available online at http://www.drjamesstillwell.com/divorce-recovery.html, and Dr. Stillwell can be reached at 859/940-3241 or fjstillwell@gmail.com.