Reflection: Partnership Without Borders Tour

by Carrie Bearden, Partnership Without Borders Planning Team & member, Buechel Park Baptist Church, Louisville

I just said goodbye to my African family, and I am counting the months until I get to see them again.  I could tell you all of the things we did while they were here; all the tourist attractions we visited, the food we ate, the fellowship we shared.  But that would diminish their role.
When I went to Morocco in 2012, I did not expect to have such a personal connection and desire to build and maintain a relationship with the young adults I met. But after meeting them and coming to understand how they are full-time students who are continuously building and sustaining a Christian church and ministry while living in a Muslim nation, I couldn't just count this as a nice "visit" and write it off as a sweet memory.

These young adults, all attending college at Moroccan universities, embody Jesus Christ as they seek to have a church with regular activities and church culture.  They also serve refugees and migrants fleeing war-torn African countries.  They don't just take up an offering; they roll up their sleeves and physically provide food, water, clothing, tarps (for living in a forest), medical assistance, encouragement, fellowship, prayer, and help identify solutions to horrible situations such as human trafficking, prostitution, and murder.
I have precious family in Africa.  They do the work Jesus calls us to do by helping others build a better life in Him and through Him.  All they ask of me is to encourage and pray for them as they do Kingdom work.  Please join me, and many others, in this very important work.


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