Moderator Musings: Worship Summit Recap!

by Bob Fox, KBF Moderator & Pastor, Faith Baptist, Georgetown

This year our KBF congregations are participating in a conversation about worship called "When You Gather Together". An important partner in this effort has been the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.

The effort began with members of the faculty leading four consultations across the state during the Fall.  These were lively and helpful conversation based on the five worship components that had been selected:  gathering, confessing, interceding, proclamation, and sending.

The second component of our emphasis occurred on Friday, February 6.  The seminary faculty led a symposium on their campus at Georgetown College.  There were over 85 people who participated. They represented 27 different congregations.  

The day began with worship and was followed by the opportunity to attend 4 different workshops.  John Inscore Essick led groups in considering how public prayer takes place in worship.  Confession was the focus of the classes led by Mark Medley.  Laura Levens used creative methods to show how testimony can be a form of proclamation.  Dalen Jackson tied it all up in his gathering that illustrated how a worship conversation could be taken into a local congregation.  The day ended as it began with a time of formal worship.

I want to personally thank John Inscore Essick who organized this event from the seminary side as well as the entire faculty.  I am most excited to share with you that the faculty all expressed an interest in sharing this in local church settings.  Reach out to them (, and they will be glad to work with you to design and lead an exploration in your congregation of worship.  I also would be remiss not to thank Georgetown College for providing free lunch for all the participants.

From my perspective, this was a tremendous time of learning, worship and fellowship.  KBF can do remarkable things with our partners!

Following the meeting, John and I met with the writers for the curriculum we are developing for local congregations.  The final component of our year long conversation will be a piece that explores the areas of worship on which we focused.  There will be lessons for adults, youth, children, preschoolers and the developmentally delayed.  This will be available at our Spring Gathering in Danville for anyone who is interested at no cost.