KBF Coordinator Search Begins!

The KBF Coordinator Search Committee met Saturday, March 14 at Faith Baptist Church in Georgetown during the Coordinating Council meeting and put together a KBF Coordinator Position Announcement to attach to a list of primary tasks taken from the 2013 Coordinator Job Description. They are listed below:

POSITION AVAILABLE: The Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is seeking a full-time Coordinator to lead and guide in the development of strategies for expanding the scope and influence of the organization. The Coordinator shall represent KBF to the community, churches, individuals, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and other organizations. All applications must include education and employment histories and provide three references. Email cover letter and resume to KBFcoordinatorsearch@gmail.com. Consideration of applicants will begin April 13 and continue until position is filled. See www.kybf.org for information regarding KBF.

Primary Tasks:

1.   Organizational Communication:

a.   Internal – Develop and maintain effective     communication and contact by and between KBF churches, pastors, staff, constituents, and the CBF office; and
b.   External - Develop and maintain effective communication and contact with prospective churches, pastors, lay people, secular media, religious media, colleges, seminaries, and the Kentucky Council of Churches.

2.   Administration:

a.   Maintain effective supervision and organization of the KBF office and staff;
b.   Provide guidance and input to KBF committees and workgroups; and
c.   Organize and facilitate KBF annual meetings and other gatherings.

3.   Mission/Vision:

a.   Establish organizational goals with guidance and direction from the Coordinating council;
b.   Promote the organizational goals;
c. Create opportunities for KBF engagement and involvement; and
d.   Develop the KBF as a distinct, appealing and meaningful brand.