Extreme Build #10 Information & Registration

by Laura Barclay,
KBF Communications, Networking & Interim Missions Associate

I had the pleasure of meeting the recipients of the 10th Extreme Build Home last month on KBF's first site visit to our next build site. Tasha and her lovely children, Lucas and Grace, are excited about this house and being involved in the process! In addition, we'll be building right beside Tasha's great aunt's home, so she'll already know her neighbor!

Darrell Kinnett, the construction manager for our longtime partner Southern Tier Housing, believes this is a great plot of land and doesn't forsee any difficult issues. Our Leadership Team has been meeting in person and by phone to discuss plans, a timeline, and logistics, and the Leadership Team will be doing a site visit in March to make sure we are as prepared as possible for our 10th Annual Build!

As we approach this 10th anniversary build, I want to hear from you! This is a celebration, and I want to collect stories from those who have participated throughout the years. Did you build new relationships, learn something, or feel transformed in some way at Extreme Build? If you have a short story/reflection (no more than a paragraph) that you want to share, I'll be adding them to our web and sharing them to celebrate this milestone. Email me at laura@kybf.org with your story!

I look forward to hearing from you!

**For more information and to register, click here.**