KBF Spring Gathering Focuses on Future & Partnership!

by Laura Barclay,  KBF Communications, Networking & Interim Missions Associate

The theme of this year's KBF Spring Gathering was "The Future of KBF: Forming Together" and many partnerships were celebrated, renewed, or started. At the Leadership Institute on Friday, Dr. Kevin Cosby (President, Simmons College and Pastor, St. Stephen Baptist Church) and Past Moderator Box Fox led a community conversation on the new partnership between Simmons College and KBF, as well as St. Stephen Baptist Church entering into the fellowship. Dr. Cosby discussed our similarities in theology and vision, and his belief that we could be partners in justice for communities across Kentucky and the world. 

Campbellsville University, another new partner of KBF was also represented in recognition during the KBF business meeting on Friday evening and the Baptist Seminary of Ky banquet.

Kentucky Baptist Women in Ministry, led by co-conveners Alix Davidson Keller and Emily Holladay, met to discuss their new regional leadership model as well as to discuss mission and vision, inviting participants to email them with ideas.

Steven Porter, CBF Global Missions Coordinator preached on both Friday and Saturday, and invited us to "get into the boat with Jesus", though the journey maybe difficult and require us to go out into the world to do justice and missions work. Porter also conducted workshops discussing the future of CBF missions work in the 21st century, getting input from KBF members.

Baptist Seminary of Kentucky provided a banquet feast on Friday evening, celebrating their ongoing partnership with the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship and highlighting their educational ministry over the last year. Several students spoke positively about their experience of being allowed to develop their own theology instead of being told what to think. They also felt that they would be well prepared for ministry in Kentucky through innovative class offerings.

A variety of workshops were offered and well-attended on Saturday, including new church starts, ministry and justice work in Central Kentucky, KBF's work on payday lending, discussing KBF identity, and the future of CBF missions, to name a few. Roger Jasper offered a missional jazz experience that integrated jazz, prayer, and missional thought. You'll hear more about some these in experiences over the next few weeks of e-news!

KBF celebrated the work of Bob Fox as moderator as he handed over the gavel to Iraline Craig of Midway Baptist Church, who serves as moderator for the next year. Fox, now serving as Past Moderator, is chairing a KBF Identity Exploration Group, which will discuss KBF's relationship with CBF and how we can best partner in mission and vision.

The KBF Coordinator Search Committee met for the second time and was blessed in the Saturday worship session. Please continue to be in prayer for their good work, as they report receiving many outstanding applications to review!

Thank you for being a part of our fellowship and helping us having a wonderful Spring Gathering!