KBWIM @ KBF Spring Gathering

by Alix Davidson Keller, KBWIM Co-Conveners

Kentucky Baptist Women in Ministry had a fruitful meeting at this year’s KBF Spring Gathering. Emily Holladay and Alix Davidson Keller described the new leadership structure, which has evolved since last year’s meeting. Emily and Alix currently serve as Co-Conveners, providing support and structure for regional leaders. Cynthia Insko and Susan Allen serve in Central Kentucky. Scarlette Jasper graciously volunteered to serve for Eastern Kentucky. Louisville area and Western Kentucky remain open positions.
A great deal of constructive visioning took place during this meeting. Beginning with the questions, “Why do we exist?” and “What do you need from KBWIM?” a number of creative ideas emerged, including partnerships with seminaries to provide mentoring and support for young/aspiring women in ministry, starting a scholarship fund, retreats, and peer groups, just to name a few. The next step for the leadership team is to narrow down these ideas in order to define more specifically what we are best equipped to do moving forward. Anyone with additional ideas is encouraged to contact any member of the leadership team or email kybwim@gmail.com