Meet KBF's New Moderator!

by Iraline Craig,
KBF Moderator & Member, Midway Baptist Church

I am the new moderator of KBF for 2015-2016. But much more important, I am a follower of Christ, not just a fan. I am a child of God and a daughter of the KING! As part of the body of Christ, I am one part of the plan that God has for us as Christians. This plan involves serving and praising our Father God. Some parts are more visible than others but no parts are more important than others.

In case you are curious, these are some of the particulars about me and if not just skip on down the screen to more important information. I was born to Ira and Elizabeth McLean, some years ago, was baptized at the age of 9. I was taught about the Bible and missions by many loving teachers from Sunday school, VBS, GA’s, and youth groups until I became the teacher and leader of children, youth and adults. One of my best decisions was picking Art Craig as my husband and life partner, after all he was the one God had chosen for me. I am the mother of 3 adult children, Neil, Nathan and Rachael and 6 wonderful grandchildren, ages 2 to 20. My professional career was spent as a math teacher, grades 7-12 at Bryan Station Jr. and High School in Lexington. My mission field was a classroom full of teenagers. Since retirement, I have led our Women on Mission and various other mission activities and served as a deacon, choir member, Sunday school teacher. Midway Baptist has been my church since I was 11. You will find me there being part of the body of Christ with other like-minded folks.

NOW, I have a question for you, if you are still reading this.  What does KBF do? I was asked this question by a member of my congregation recently. What would you answer? What would you like that answer to be? I would like to hear from you with your answers. Email me at I told this person that we do missions from McCreary and Owsley Counties to Morocco in Africa and places in between through individual churches and cooperative efforts. We are now beginning new partnerships with Simmons and Campbellsville, excitement and new friendships are benefits.  So, please let me know how you would answer the question,” What does KBF do”? Also use your imagination, tell me what you would like the answer to be.

Blessings to all!