Extreme Build #10 House Complete

by Laura Barclay,
KBF Communications, Networking, and Interim Missions Associate

The 10th Anniversary Extreme Build went amazingly well! We ran ahead of schedule the whole week due to some incredibly hard working volunteers. We had around 115 volunteers making this happen, and a large number of youth and women. Youth from Faith Baptist Church helped level the yard, paint the shed, and decorate the mailbox while youth from First Baptist Church of Middlesboro arrived on Dedication Day to do landscaping, caulking, and cleaning. Young adults from Community Baptist Church in Henderson helped all week with painting and siding.

Veteran volunteer foreman Steve Holm of St. Matthew's Baptist Church stated that he believed this was the best build yet due to the property, weather, and volunteers. Team Leaders Andrea Ensor and Suzanne Lee of First Baptist Church of Middlesboro helped teach and place volunteers around the site throughout the week, while fellow church member and nurse, Bob Eddinger, made sure everyone stayed hydrated and provided care for scrapes and bug bites. 

Jan Causey of Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville (above, green shirt) led the paint crew off-site painting doors and trim and on-site painting walls in pretty eggshell and lavender colors. We were so far ahead that we didn't even have to do our usual all-night painting or flooring parties! CBF Field Personnel Scarlette Jasper hunted down furnishings, painted, arranged for music to entertain volunteers, and did just about anything needed to get us down the home stretch. Sharon Davis of Broadway Baptist Church has served as Volunteer Coordinator for 10 years and kept track of volunteers, recruited churches to bring lunch to the site, and took charge of landscaping among many other duties. Work finished every night in time for dinner, fellowship and prizes at First Baptist Church of Whitley City!

Speaking of dinner, the food crew, led by Becky Colliver of Central Baptist, rose before dawn to cook and provide breakfast, helped serve lunch donated by churches, and prepared dinner for volunteers at night. Their ministry kept volunteers fed, healthy, and strong! A special upcoming feature on their work will reveal Becky's secret recipes!

We simply could not do this without the hard work of volunteers, generous donations from partner churches, and partnership of non-profits. This is truly a miracle of partnerships. The fruit of that partnership incredible. Not only do we build a house for a family every year (Eldridge family, pictured above), but we also build strong intergenerational relationships across our fellowship that allow us to teach a new generation missions and a useful set of skills.  Thank you for being a part of this work!

The KBF Mission Work Group meets in August to discuss what's next for Extreme Build. We hope you will join us for Extreme Build's next steps (more info to come soon)!

Check out our website for additional pictures from Extreme Build, which will be uploaded over the next few weeks!