Behind the Scenes: Extreme Build Kitchen

by Laura Barclay,
KBF Communications, Networking, and Interim Missions Associate

At 4:00 a.m. in McCreary County, the kitchen crew of Extreme Build was awake up and getting ready. They knew they had to start cooking a hearty breakfast to serve by 6 a.m., when volunteers begin showing to fuel a long day of work. After a brief nap around 8:30am, the food crew helped serve lunch donated by churches at the build site at 11:30am. The crew began dinner prep at 4:30 to serve by 6pm. With the dining room cleaned around 8pm, the dinner crew had an early bedtime before repeating the same routine again the next day. 

Becky Colliver, head of the kitchen crew and member of Central Baptist Church in Lexington, says that this hard work is worth it for the crew when they see the faces of the recipients on Dedication Day. 

One thing many volunteers have noted is the cohesion of the kitchen crew. They work seamlessly together to have meals ready, served and cater to any special food concerns or allergies. New people are welcomed into the crew every year and their gifts are valued on the crew. Like volunteers in other areas, they keep in touch through email and Facebook throughout the year. 

Colliver said, "The Extreme Build has been a blessing to me.  It has brought me many wonderful friends and has allowed me to do something I love to do to benefit others.  It has been life-changing!"

For the 10 year anniversary, Colliver wanted to make her special recipes available to all here: Extreme Recipes!  She shares that all her Extreme Build recipes are easy and able to make for many people. 

The kitchen crew is just one way to plug in and contribute to KBF's Extreme Build. The KBF Mission Work Group meets in August to discuss what's next for Extreme Build. We hope you will join us for Extreme Build's next steps (more info to come soon)!

Check out our website for additional pictures from Extreme Build, which will be uploaded over the next few weeks!