Free Resource Offer for Churches

BaptistWay Press FREE Offer to Churches who:
1)  Have never ordered from BaptistWay        OR
2) Have classes in their church who have never used    BaptistWay
FREE Study Guides, Large Print Study Guides, and Teaching Guides are available for each of the titles listed below.  Please click (or control click) on each link to view sample lessons of both the Study and Teaching Guides.  Offer ends 7/10/15.
Ezra, Haggai, Zechariah, Nehemiah, Malachi: Restoring the Future

Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah: Calling for Justice, Mercy and Faithfulness
Matthew: Primer for Discipleship
The Gospel of John: Light Overcoming Darkness, Part 1
The Gospel of John: Light Overcoming Darkness, Part 2
The Corinthian Letters: Imperatives for an Imperfect Church
The Letters of James and John
Living Faith in Daily Life
Profiles in Character-From the Exodus through the Return From Exile
Shipping chart
1-25       books            $15
26-50     books            $28
51-75     books            $34
76-100   books            $50
101-125 books            $60
126-175 books            $72
176-225 books            $98                                       
226-300 books            $135
301-400 books            $155
401-500 books            $200
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