Moderator Musings: Excitement and Anticipation

by Iraline Craig,
KBF Moderator & Member, Midway Baptist Church

Excitement is in the air, celebrating the birth of our nation on 4th of July and dreaming about the end of racism in our churches. Youth and children across the commonwealth of Kentucky are attending church camps and Vacation Bible Schools, all of which are so exciting for them and for us who watch them. They are the future of Kentucky Baptist Fellowship.

Excitement and anticipation are the agenda for KBF over the next several months, as Rhonda Abbott Blevins begins as the new coordinator of KBF.  Rhonda will be traveling across the state getting to know us and accessing the state of our fellowship.

There is also the excitement of the accreditation of Baptist Seminary of Kentucky and their graduation and celebration on August 8, 2015. Excitement of new partnerships and how that is going to look in the future and what will happen as we meet and plan.  I like all the excitement and the anticipation for the future. It gives us a reason to hope and grow as individuals and as churches, working together in mission efforts like the trip to Morocco and adding a new Moroccan church to that partnership. Excitement for the future of KBF is exhilarating for me and, I hope, for you too.