Johnson County, KY, Disaster Response

Johnson County, KY has been in the news and in our hearts, and we are moved to do something. Jim Garrett, volunteer and donations coordinator for Kentucky Emergency Management, reports that there are homes damaged in at least 10 counties in central and eastern Kentucky and need assessments are currently being done. He also reports that Johnson County is being overwhelmed with donations and that the best thing to do is collect cash at this time.

Financial contributions can be used in the coming weeks to purchase the most needed items at the right time. Jim said, "By pooling financial resources and waiting to use the funds for a future gap in items, KBF congregations will be able to effectively serve those in need in our impacted counties." 

Those wishing to give can send checks to the KBF office address below with "flood relief" in the memo line.

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship 
PO Box 7098
Louisville, KY 40257