Passport Reflections: Part 1

by Carol Harston, Minister of Youth, Highland Baptist Church

Daniel Potter, our youth ministry intern came, into my office on Monday morning after camp with the question, “How am I supposed to answer people when they ask me, ‘how was camp?” It’s the question I wrestle with every year. There is no easy way to describe in few words our week at Passport Youth Camp with Highland’s youth. It’s complicated both for the variety of experiences camp offers but also simply because drawing close to God always opens more within us than reducing that which has been within.

Without fail, our week at Passport Youth Camp is one of our most important weeks of ministry at Highland. Our youth love the variety of faith expression shown, the depth of content communicated, the community built at camp, and the fun had in the midst of it all. Our adults love watching youth unfold before our very eyes, connecting with other adults away from the madness of daily life, and finding their own time to listen, reflect, and grow at any age. We loved especially the gift to attend camp alongside fellow KBF congregations like Broadway Baptist, Crescent Hill Baptist, FBC Frankfort, and Calvary Baptist.

What I love most about Passport is that the words shared with our youth through worship, Bible study, Choices, and devotions are not new.  They are the words that our congregation has been speaking to them since they were cradled and rocked in the nursery. They hear that God has a deep deep love for this world and all those that live within it.  They hear that God calls all people – male or female, young or old, gay or straight, rich or poor –to take part in the transformative work of Love that brings good news to the poor, proclaims release to the captives, and lets the oppressed go free.  They hear the gospel full of life and passion.
Highland Baptist gives thanks for Passport whose year-round work makes our youth find their place within the Revolution of Love at work within our world to the glory of God.