Passport Reflections: Part 2

by Chris Caldwell, Pastor, Broadway Baptist Church 

Thanks to Passport Youth Camps, church youth camping has come a long way!  What was has given way to camps that expose youth to thoughtful worship, meaningful Bible study and prayer, and, of course, fun and craziness.  It's hard to say what I like best about Passport, as both a pastor and the parent of a youth, but here a few quick thoughts:

1. I'm impressed by the quality of the young ministers involved in leading Passport.  Every parent wants their young person to have good models, and thought not part of the curriculum, I think the exposure to these articulate and energetic advocates for faith may be the best thing Passport does for young people.  Three of our ministers at Passport were influenced in positive ways by working at Passport.

2. Creative and thoughtful worship in a form that is faithful to worship and approachable for youth has long been a Passport hallmark. The worship is well thought out and purposeful.

3. I thought the devotionals and prayer prompts for morning quiet time were much more solid than typical camp fare.  I know they sparked meaningful thoughts and prayers for me.

4. Finally, the service component of Passport has always been something I admire.  We heard about the gospel when I was a youth at camp, but at Passport you see the gospel being lived out in the lives of real people.

Passport is a wonderful investment in both the present and the future of God's Church!