KY Meeting at CBF General Assembly Success!

by Chris Sanders, KBF Interim Coordinator

“A real shot in the arm!” “Great meeting!” “So good to be with Kentuckians here!” “There’s so much going on in Kentucky!” “I can’t wait to see what happens next!” These are just a few of the comments I heard after the Kentucky break-out session at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Dallas. People were excited. 

Forty-six of us gathered together at the end of Thursday afternoon. The happy buzz in the room as we began made it clear that there was a great Spirit in the air. As moderator Iraline Craig observed, it was so encouraging that there were more of us younger than older! 

We celebrated all the good and busy work of the past year- the Morocco-partnership visitors from Africa, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky and the worship curriculum, payday-lending advocacy in Frankfort and Washington, Spring Gathering in Danville, and our 10th ExtremeBuild house. BSK had just gotten word-literally the day before- of formal accreditation, so we cheered and had cake! Our Coordinator Search Committee reported that they’d soon present a candidate to the Council. (They wouldn’t tell us who it is, though we did our best to get it out of them!) 

The General Assembly itself had its amazing moments, as you’ve already read here. But our Kentucky time together, standing alone, was a terrific time of celebrating where we’ve recently been, with hope and anticipation for where we will go next in the power of God.