Moderator Musings: Big Thanks!

by Iraline Craig,
KBF Moderator & Member, Midway Baptist Church

Last weekend in Elizabethtown, the annual fall retreat for the coordinating council of KBF took place at Living Faith Baptist Fellowship. Big thanks to Roger Jasper, pastor of Living Faith and Alice Mull for hosting the council. Big thanks to all those who came from near and far to attend, more than 30 council members and staff joined together to pray, dream and plan for the future of our fellowship.

Big thanks to Rhonda Blevins, our new coordinator, who challenged us to be the hope that the wheat represents in the fields of Baptist life in Kentucky and around the world. Rhonda was able to meet and talk with members of the council during our time together. Big thanks to Jan Causey for being willing to chair the missions work group. Also big thanks to the entire missions work group for having the discussions of where and how and when for the next EXTREME Build. We continue to pray for Morocco and the partnerships as we learned of new needs for the refugees. Big thanks to Don McFadden for facilitating the administrative work group and their discussion of the future of staffing for KBF and other financial matters. Big thanks to those members of the admin work group as we learned there are many issues to be addressed dealing with contributions, expenses and staff functions. Big thanks to Sara Turpin and all the members of the ministries work group for their efforts to involve more people in workings of KBF life via social media and other new and exciting ideas.

Big thanks to Chris Sanders and all his efforts as interim coordinator during the past year, including new partnerships and efforts to change laws concerning the payday lending industry. Big thanks to Laura Barclay who has served us well with her involvement in Extreme Build and communications. Big thanks to Bob Fox for his willingness to do whatever needs to be done and big thanks to Kimbrough Simmons as he prepares for the spring gathering in 2016. A really Big Thanks to YOU, for allowing me to serve as your moderator during this year. It is such a privilege and blessing to be part of Kentucky Baptist Fellowship.