Moderator Musings: Change & Transition

by Iraline Craig,
KBF Moderator & Member, Midway Baptist

Life in Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is changing and transitioning NOW! Our new coordinator begins her job on Sunday August 2, preaching at Midway Baptist in morning worship. It is amazing how that worked out. Then she will be attending BSK graduation on Saturday in Georgetown and meeting with young adults that evening in Louisville. And on and on she goes.

For the last year or so we have maintained and grown life in our fellowship through the very hard work and wonderful talents of our interim Chris Sanders. Chris has traveled the commonwealth and been in many of your churches to spread the good news of Christ and the work of KBF. We now have a strong group of advocates for limiting payday lending and helping those victims. Thanks to Chris. Chris was also instrumental in the partnership with Simmons College and the many wonderful new avenues of service for us to explore. When you see Chris, please tell him thanks for a job well done.

Thanks also to the very capable and multitalented Bob Fox for his year of leadership as moderator of KBF. As a fellowship, we had never been without a coordinator, so there were no guidelines to follow, but we have survived and flourished. Thanks to Bob. He continues to mentor me as this year progresses and for that I am very thankful.

So it is time for the change and transition, as Rhonda begins as Coordinator of KBF. I would ask that you pray for each of us involved. God has a plan for this time and it is my prayer that as a fellowship we will be in His will as we go forward.