Passport Reflections: Part 3

by Brittani Bair, Minister to Youth, Crescent Hill Baptist Church 

Crescent Hill Baptist Church participated in Passport Choices at Greensboro College in North Carolina the week of June 21-26. We were excited to join youth from other Louisville area and KBF and CBF churches there! We brought 37 excited teenagers, 7 optimistic adults, and one very brave volleyball.

The theme was "Revolution", and the week turned out to be truly amazing. One of our youth actually used the phrase "life-changing" on Facebook when describing her experience. 

While the youth may have been most excited about the way they were able to come together to beat the staff in the volleyball tournament, the most revolutionary thing I observed was the way our youth cared for each other during the week. Our group is a multicultural one with youth from different parts of the globe constantly having to learn how to be church to each other. Sometimes this happens and other times it is a struggle. Our week at Passport-Revolution was one of the times it worked. Our youth interacted like fellow-travelers on the same journey, like kids who come from the same place after all, someplace like the Kingdom.

I was particularly pleased with the way they supported one of our youth group members who uses a wheelchair. On two different occasions in worship, our youth chose to remain seated during worship experiences where everyone else was standing. They showed solidarity with their friend, "taking a stand" by taking a seat. This was just one example of the ways they impressed me during the week. Another was how brave they were to cry about the plight of the refugees shown in the mission offering video and how unashamed they were to talk with each other about how they felt watching it.

We truly lived out a revolutionary message at camp, that no matter what makes us different, we can include everyone. No one has to be a stranger or an outsider at church, everyone can belong. No matter what each of us has been through, we are home now, in the Family of God.