@revblev: Never Better

by Rhonda Abbott Blevins, KBF Coordinator

It’s great to be back in the Commonwealth! I am loving seeing old friends and making new ones. As I learn about the work you’ve accomplished while I’ve been away, I must tell you, I stand amazed. You completed your tenth Extreme Build. You strengthened your partnership with the Protestant Church of Morocco. You collaborated and produced an outstanding worship resource. You discovered and welcomed new clergy, churches, and colleges. You lobbied in Frankfort on behalf of the least of these. The list could go on. I stand amazed.
One of our outstanding pastors told me this week, “There’s never been a better time to be a part of Kentucky Baptist Fellowship.” I’m convinced he’s right. I am honored to join you on this train that’s headed some exciting places . . . places I wouldn’t have imagined eight years ago.
As I get started in my new role as coordinator, my first priority is to connect and reconnect with our people. I have set a personal goal to be in all 60+ churches within one year as a worshipper, speaker, or preacher. I want to hear what’s happening in our churches. I want to understand how KBF can support the good work our churches are doing across the state. I want to strengthen ongoing efforts and discern new directions together. 
I am delighted to be back among you, especially since there’s never been a better time to be a part of Kentucky Baptist Fellowship.

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