God's Mission, Your Passion

On the CBF website for global missions, you can discover the CBF MISSION DISTINCTIVES. . .


Our Mission Distinctives offer Cooperative Baptists common language for our common witness to the Triune God.  Thecommitments reflect the values inherent to the Fellowship’s mission engagement, while the contexts focus more intentionally on the work of our Global Missions field personnel.  Since the world has come to the doorstep of many of our communities, CBF field personnel live out the following commitments alongside CBF congregations within the contexts of global poverty, global migration, and the global church.  



We cultivate communities of reconciliation and hospitality that serve as instruments, signs and foretastes of the kingdom of God.


We bear witness to the gospel through words that invite faith in Jesus and actions that embody the way of Jesus.


We seek to transform systems that suppress the capacity of individuals and communities in order to recognize, claim and celebrate the God-given gifts of all people and places.



In a world where 1 in 8 persons suffers hunger, 2.8 billion live on less than $2 per day, 1 billion lack access to clean water, and 35.8 million are enslaved, Cooperative Baptists seek sustainable responses to systems of poverty that devalue life and diminish the image of God.


With over 232 million migrants in the world, including 16.7 million refugees, we live in an age of unprecedented human mobility. Such movement affords Cooperative Baptists the opportunity to extend hope and hospitality to those who are driven by circumstance or drawn by opportunity away from their homes.


We live in the era of a global church where no single tradition or culture can lay claim to the center of Christianity. Cooperative Baptists befriend Christians from around the world to share and receive gifts and to engage in God's mission together through worship, fellowship, education, and service.


Missions is our number one priority.  This is echoed in our mission statement, our vision statement, and our value statement.

We believe that there are many Fellowship Baptists in Kentucky who would like to be more involved in hands-on mission projects.  We hope to help churches and individuals connect with missions opportunities, making it possible for any church or individual in Kentucky to find a way to be involved in missions in a way commensurate with their interests, talents, abilities, and calling.

We further desire to connect with the Missions Work Group already in place, assisting with current projects and providing direction for the future.

Our Goals Include

  • Increasing hands-on relational missions involvement by KBF members and churches
  • Providing churches and individuals with access to information about missions and connect churches and individuals with mission opportunities
  • Providing a KBF staff person in the area of missions and provide missions support teams
  • Start new churches

Our Approach

Acts 1:8 has been the guiding principle as we have established viable mission involvement in three arenas:

  • global involvement,
  • state-wide involvement, and
  • local involvement.

Global involvement has taken place through the Morocco partnership.
State-wide involvement has taken the form of Mountain Hope.
KBF assists local congregations in making real and lasting impact in their own communities.

Missional Church

What does it mean to be missional?  To be a church on mission used to mean that a church participated in mission offerings, sent youth on mission trips in the summer and perhaps had a Sunday School class organize a ministry project.  Missions was just one part of the church experience, not central to the entire existence.

The Missional Church is about seeing that God has a plan, a plan for the whole church to be on mission for God.  This plan would take into consideration who God had called to be a part of that church; their abilities, experiences and especially their spiritual gifts. This plan would be understood by the congregation. Just as God calls individuals to a certain job or to a mission trip, God calls the church into specific ministries.

As a Missional Church, we see what unique gifts and skills we can have that we can use to impact the world for Jesus.  We are called to look for where God is already at work and seek to join God there.