Missional Church

What does it mean to be missional?  To be a church on mission used to mean that a church participated in mission offerings, sent youth on mission trips in the summer and perhaps had a Sunday School class organize a ministry project.  Missions was just one part of the church experience, not central to the entire existence.

The Missional Church is about seeing that God has a plan, a plan for the whole church to be on mission for God.  This plan would take into consideration who God had called to be a part of that church; their abilities, experiences and especially their spiritual gifts. This plan would be understood by the congregation. Just as God calls individuals to a certain job or to a mission trip, God calls the church into specific ministries.

As a Missional Church, we see what unique gifts and skills we can have that we can use to impact the world for Jesus.  We are called to look for where God is already at work and seek to join God there.