CBF Kentucky, Kentucky Baptist Women In Ministry, and The Eglise Evangelique au Maroc partnered together in October of 2013 to lead the first multicultural women’s experience for Kentuckians and Africans in Morocco.  Twelve women from 5 KBF partner congregations traveled to Morocco. On this Caravan we visited 6 congregations, 10 cities, and numerous sites.  At each congregation our KBF group was hosted by the women’s group of the church for a meal and a shared Bible study about a woman in scripture.  The Bible studies were about women like Miriam, Martha, and Ruth gave space for conversation about similarities for these women despite geographical and national differences.  At each congregation, we learned about the specific strengths and challenges face by the leadership and heard ways of providing support. As a way of carrying the conversation from one city to the next - and to caravan together - two women from the EEAM church from which we were leaving traveled with us on our bus to the next city and joined the conversation.  This allowed continuity and introduced more of the EEAM women to one another. The goal of this trip was two-fold 1) to establish a bond between the Kentucky Baptist Women in Ministry and the fledging women’s group of the EEAM and 2) to aid the EEAM as they support a national women’s group in each of their congregations.  Both of these goals were accomplished and are ongoing.


Pictures from the trip are posted on KBF's Flickr page.