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We are looking for individuals with and without skills who want to offer themselves in service to God and Eastern Kentucky.  We hope you will register below to participate in Extreme Build 2019.

This year we will build our 12th (can you believe it?!) house in McCreary County in partnership with Highland Housing. CBFKY provides money and volunteers in this intense effort that builds a home for a family in just over a week’s time. The new home owner receives a low interest loan for some of the cost and is able to own their own home for a payment of less than $250 a month. The selected family has completed financial counseling and initial screening to gauge their ability to pay for and their commitment to owning their own home.

We encourage you to come for as long as you are able. You will find on the registration page that you can choose to come for one day or for the whole event. We do have a bunkhouse lodge that is available for a very low cost and there are local hotels that are also quite reasonable.

What will be happening?

On June 5th-8th, we do pre-build. We open this to a small number of participants whom we prescreen for skills as this part of the work is more technically intensive. At pre-build, the floor joists and subfloor are installed, the roof trusses raised and the core (kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room) are put into place. If you would like more information or to see if you are qualified, you may call Leonard Buckner at (502) 727-6441.


Kick-off for Extreme Build is on Sunday evening with a pizza dinner and introductions at First Baptist Whitley City (this is the host church for our event). The regular build portion will be June 10-15th. If things go as planned, here is what you can expect to be involved in each day. On Monday, the house is wrapped, siding begun, fascia put in place, doors and windows installed and work on the deck begins. In addition, a crew is also offsite painting trim Monday through Wednesday. On Tuesday, siding work is completed along with soffits as well as other work on the skeleton of the home. On Wednesday, dry wall is loaded, and floors are installed. Thursday and Friday are filled with painting and trim installation. Throughout the week, a dedicated teams provides breakfast and dinner meals.

This year, we are trying to limit the cost to encourage more people to attend. Registration is $25 for one day or up to $100 for four or more days. Scholarships are available for those who need help with registration and housing costs.

You may have participated many times or you may be considering taking part for the first time. Whatever the case, we need you!


NEW THIS YEAR:  If you register, and pay, before March 1, you will get one free night!

There are three ways to register. You can either register now and pay now with a credit/debit card or you can register now and pay by sending us a check in the mail; or, you can register now and pay at the door. The important thing is to register!

Note:  Please do not let the costs prohibit you from participating.  There are scholarships available.  If you would like to come, but need assistance with the registration or lodging, please contact Bob Fox at

If you would like to register now and send us a check in the mail; or, register now and pay at the door, please fill out the form below. Checks can be sent to CBF Kentucky, P. O. Box 7098, Louisville, KY 40257.

Extreme Build Registration Form

for folks who would like to pay by credit or debit card now.

If you would like to register and pay now using a credit or debit card, click here!


Extreme Build Registration Form

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