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Worship Curriculum


A little over a year ago, we announced that CBF Kentucky would enter into a partnership with the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky to encourage a conversation about worship among the leadership and laity of our churches.  The culmination of these conversation would be a tool designed to continue talking about worship in our local churches.  It is with great pleasure that I can tell you today that we have completed a robust curriculum that is ready to be used by churches in a variety of ways.  "When You Gather Together" includes introductory essays to the five worship topics (gathering, confessing, interceding, proclamation and sending) followed by lessons for adults, youth, children and preschool-kindergarten on each theme.  We have also included recommendations for teaching students with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Delays)

A few things I think it is important that everyone know about this project.  First it was organized, produced and edited entirely by volunteers.  This means that we are able to provide it as a gift.  The quality of this work is in my opinion excellent, and I know that I would definitely be glad to pay for a resource as helpful as this one.  Special thanks are due John Inscore Essick who was the BSK point person on the project and went above and beyond in his work as editor.

I also want you to note the breadth of authors and churches.  It was my certainty from the beginning that we had the talent and gifts in our churches to do this work.  I am quite proud that I complete the project more convinced that KBF churches are blessed with some of the best clergy and lay people anywhere.  I know that we only scratched the surface of our long list of gifted leaders, and my hope is that in the future we will have more opportunities to allow other of our members to take part.

It might be tempting to say, "Well, that's done."  But this really is the beginning.  I want youto do two things to ensure that this work accomplishes its purpose and enriches the lives of our congregations.  First, if you are a pastor or leader in your congregation download the material, look it over and if you like it, use it within your church.  If you do use it, please let us know how and when you did so.  If you are a layperson, download the material look it over and if you think it might be helpful to your church encourage your pastor and other leaders to consider using it.  If you have questions about the material or would like someone to talk about it with you, do not hesitate to contact me (bob@familyoffaith.net) or John (john.essick@bsky.org).

My other request is that if you find this curriculum to be helpful that you actively recommend it to your friends both locally and globally.  While this work has been Kentucky-centric, we believe that it can be a helpful guide to conversation for churches throughout CBF and beyond.  We ask that you give it to those in your circle just as it has been given to you.

I thank you in advance for checking it out.

Download "When You Gather Together: Building up the Church in Worship" by clicking here.