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Ministers Seeking Church


Are you a minister searching for your next position in ministry?

KBF can help you with your search.  KBF staff and councils communicates with churches and search committees.  KBF will send resumes on your behalf to a search committee.  In order to start this process, please follow all three steps below.

If you have questions about our process or need more information, contact our office at 502-426-1931 or

  1. Resumes - Email your resume to Resumes will be sent to churches that seem appropriate based on their location, salary range, age and experience requirements.

  2. Minister's Profile - In order to know you and your desired ministry position, we require that you complete our Online Ministry Profile or download the Ministry Profile and mail to the KBF office. All information is confidential and only used by our office to help in your placement.

  3. Other Resources - KBF is not connected to other CBF organizations regarding reference requests, etc. If you send information to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Atlanta, they do not forward that information onto us. In order to make sure both KBF and CBF are aware of your intentions, you will want to use CBF's Leader Connect. This resource is a resume-matching system provided at no charge. Additionally, you may want to notify any other state CBF organizations.