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Together for Hope (TFH) Appalachia is a rural development coalition, which follows the practice of asset-based community development (ABCD), believing that the key to alleviating poverty in these rural areas already exists with the people who are there. We are part of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s national TFH Coalition which includes 301 counties in five regions (Appalachia, Delta, Black Belt, Rio Grande Valley, and Native Lands). Fifty-seven of the TFH counties are in Appalachia—39 in Kentucky, eight in West Virginia, seven in Tennessee, two in Virginia, and one in Ohio (find a listing of all 57 counties here: The Counties of TFH Appalachia).

Keith Stillwell serves as Coordinator for Together for Hope Appalachia. Contact Keith for more information and to get involved.

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Priorities of Together for Hope

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Building a Coalition

We are building a coalition of groups (non-profits, government agencies, businesses, religious organizations and ministries, and individuals) who share our asset-based community development approach and our priorities of education, health & nutrition, housing & environment, and social enterprise. Perhaps your group would like to join this coalition or you know of one who would.

Get Involved

  1. Join the Together for Hope coalition

  2. Church partnerships, mission trips, projects

  3. Give

  4. Become a prayer partner for one of the counties

  5. Become an online research partner for one of the counties


Meet Some of Our Together for Hope Kentucky Partners

Scarlette Jasper

Scarlette Jasper is a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel serving with Together for Hope (A Rural Development Coalition), in the Appalachian foothills of Southern and South Central Kentucky. A longtime champion for the economically disadvantaged, Scarlette ministers within some of the poorest counties in the United States. The majority of the counties in which Scarlette serves are considered “distressed” counties on the basis of low per capita income and high rates of poverty and unemployment. Scarlette is the Director of Olive Branch Ministries, which serves individuals and families in crisis, including: Individuals experiencing homelessness, Survivors of domestic violence, and Families in financial and medical crisis.

Paula Settle

Paula Settle serves with Together for Hope in Eastern Kentucky, primarily in Owsley and Powell Counties. She coordinates mission teams, emphasizes education with an adopt-a-classroom program and tutoring, and works with senior adult groups.

Appalachian Immersion experience

Appalachian Immersion Experience & Flowers Mission Wing

Appalachian Immersion is a project of First Baptist Church offering missional groups opportunities for contextual learning, service, and relationship that might change our assumptions about Southeastern Kentucky. We hope to respond to a central question, “What if we offered to serve and bless, but then discovered that our experience here changed us and blessed us?”