Financial participation is one of the most important ways for KBF churches and Christians to partner with the EEAM. Small gifts make a huge difference! One third of CBF Kentucky’s annual Mission Offering goes to ministries in Morocco. CBF Kentucky regularly receives money and channels it to ministries in Morocco. Here are some ways you can provide assistance.

  • $100 provides a literacy teacher for Berber women and children for one month (KBF#MP01)
  • $14 provides a Bible for an African refugee. (CBF#81413)
  • $56 provides micro-enterprise “sead” money for an African refugee (CBF#81413)
  • $83 provides a one-month scholarship for an African student in final stages of studies. (CBF#81414)
  • $5 provides a blanket for a refugee (CBF#81413)
  • $12 provides one antibiotic treatment for a refugee (CBF#81412)
  • $100 provides a living stipend for a pastoral intern with the EEAM for one month (KBF#MP02)
  • $56 provides one month of emergency lodging for a refugee in a medical crisis (CBF#81412)
  • $10 provides an X-ray for an African refugee (CBF#81412)
  • $15 provides two-weeks of food for a refugee (CBF#81413)

To make a contribution, send a check to: CBF Kentucky, P.O. Box 7098, Louisville, KY 40257. Be sure to write the project number in the memo line.