Asset Based Community Development

As a part of the Together for Hope community in CBF life, we strive to be advocates for economic and social change that will strengthen the opportunities for those living in the focal counties, including leadership from within the community.  We will encourage all community members to realize their abilities, share their resources to help each other, become effective advocates for their communities, and be able to continue development on a self-sustaining basis.

Mountain Hope Community Development Conference

Every spring, KBF offers a Mountain Hope Community Development Conference for church partners.  Topics typically include an introduction to asset-based community development, continuing education for leaders, learning from and working with people who are not like us, and site visits for planning and visioning for the summer.  Plans for 2011 will be announched soon.

Past Facilitators:

2010 - Ben Newell, Together For Hope Arkansas

2009 - Fr. John Rausch

2008 - Jeremy Lewis, Together For Hope Manager

2007 - Doris Littrell, author of "Practicing Community Development"

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