I Love Morocco

On August 27, 2017, over sixty folks from all over Kentucky came together to share a meal and learn how they could continue to love our brothers and sisters in Morocco!

Rev. Karen Thomas Smith, President of the EEAM and CEI, and Chaplain to the Christian Community at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, updated us with stories about the amazing churches that we are connected to in Morocco.

We were humbled by the stories of the faithful students who make up the majority of the congregations and who daily seek God and serve beyond their means. We learned that there are still five congregations of faithful students, refugees and migrants, who do not have a sister church in Kentucky to love them and work with them as they seek to learn and grow.

We also learned the wonderful news that we have two students who have graduated from Al Mowafaqa Ecumental Institute of Theology and are ready to pastor a church in Morocco! But, they need our help. The churches, which are comprised mainly of students, refugees and migrants, are raising the funds they need to support these pastors’ small salaries, but they cannot raise it all.

Karen left us with two challenges: (1) to daily pray for a pastor in Morocco, his/her church, and the people God sends to them; (2) to be willing to make a personal commitment of $100 a year to support a new pastor. By making this commitment, we will become Sustaining Members, to support a seminary-educated pastor in these vibrant, loving churches. We can make a real difference in the lives of the students and pastors who make up our sister churches in Morocco.


Even if you were not able to attend the dinner, you can help! To know more about how your church can become a sister church to one of these five churches, or if you, personally, wish to become a Sustaining Member and help these churches support their pastors, please contact us at the CBF Kentucky office: (502)426-1931; or by email: office@cbfky.org.

Or, to make a one-time donation to I Love Morocco through Paypal, click here. If you would like to do recurring payments, that option is not currently available through Paypal. However, you can probably set up recurring payments through your bank. If you need further information or assistance, please call Peggy at CBF Kentucky, at (502)426-1931.