Christmas Wish-List for Morocco

Is there a group in your church looking for a Christmas project? Rev. Karen Thomas Smith sent this Christmas Wish-List for our brothers and sisters in Morocco. Please pray about taking on one or part of one of these needs.

  1. Refurnishing and re-equipping the parsonage in Casablanca, which is currently completely empty:

    • Bedroom 1 was covered in last year’s offering! Hooray!

    • Bedroom #2 -- $800

    • Bedroom #3 -- $800

    • Kitchen -- $800

    • Dining Room -- $800

    • Upper level bedroom -- $800

  2. Blankets for refugees and migrants living in the rough: $8 buys a sturdy blanket.

    • Goal: 1500 blankets

  3. Diapers and baby formula for refugee/migrant children:

    • $6 buys a can of baby formula;

    • $8 buys a large package of diapers.

    • Goal 100 of each ($600 plus $800)

  4. Emergency housing for migrants and refugees who are the most vulnerable (minors, women with children, pregnant women, women victims of violence).

    • COST per person per month -- $20

  5. Repainting of parsonage interior of parsonage in Casa after water damage -- $1000

  6. Creation of a room for children’s Sunday School for the church in Tangier -- $2500

  7. To avoid further break-ins, elevating the wall around the church and parsonage in Kenitra — $2500

If you can help with any of these needs, please contact the CBF Kentucky Office at (502)426-1931; or by email at Thank you!